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AvaLingua Exchange The Hague

The Team

Organizer: Fiona

Hi! My name is Fiona. Together with Marleen, I am glad to be part of the AvaLingua team and organise AvaLingua Exchange meetings in The Hague. Due to studying corporate communication and the Spanish language and culture, I am passionate about discovering new cultures and seeing the world from a different perspective. Currently I teach Dutch to foreigners and I work as a project manager at a Dutch language school, but I also love to travel, read, run, learn new languages and inspire and connect people. After attending several AvaLingua Exchange meetings in Rotterdam, I am very excited to start organising meetings in The Hague, my home town. The meetings are a great opportunity to meet new people and practice languages in a fun and comfortable way. Hope to see you soon!



In this video, the participants of AvaLingua Exchange Nijmegen explain you what AvaLingua Exchange is all about, who they are and why they are joining the weekly meetings! It would be great to see you around soon!

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