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The Team

Organizer: Cynric

Hello! My name is Cynric. I am happy to be part of the AvaLingua Exchange team and I will be organizing events in The Hague. After attending a few of the AvaLingua Exchange meetings, I became part of the team and hosted the first AvaLingua Exchange @ HOME meeting during the corona time.

My passions include dancing and learning new languages. Being born in Curaçao I grew up speaking 4 languages (Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish). And up till today I still like to learn new languages. At the moment I am practicing my Russian and German. I enjoy being able to communicate with people in their own language as I believe that this allows them to express themselves best.

I like that with AvaLingua Exchange we are able to bring people from different cultures together - people who are eager to learn, practice and help one another. This way we can get to know each other and share our passion for languages.

Organizer: Fiona

Hi! My name is Fiona. Together with Cynric, I am glad to be part of the AvaLingua team and organise AvaLingua Exchange meetings in The Hague. Due to studying corporate communication and the Spanish language and culture, I am passionate about discovering new cultures and seeing the world from a different perspective. Currently I teach Dutch to foreigners and I work as a project manager at a Dutch language school, but I also love to travel, read, run, learn new languages and inspire and connect people. After attending several AvaLingua Exchange meetings in Rotterdam, I am very excited to start organising meetings in The Hague, my home town. The meetings are a great opportunity to meet new people and practice languages in a fun and comfortable way. Hope to see you soon!

Organizer/Founder: Avalon

Hi everyone! I’m Avalon, a Dutchie who has been living in many different countries, who loves to discover new cultures and different ways of thinking. I’m a cultural anthropologist and teach Dutch to foreigners. I grew up close to the sea, which is one of my favorite places to be!

In 2014, I organized the first AvaLingua Exchange Meeting (called Language Exchange Nijmegen) in Nijmegen, only because I wanted to meet Spanish speakers. It turned out that a lot of people showed up at that first meeting and because I enjoy organizing and connecting people, I decided to make it a weekly event. During the last years it was not only me who organized the meetings, but many people helped me during the time I was abroad or at the other side of the country: Emilie, Jana, Suzanne, Janice, Robert, Manu, Kiki, Sophia, Antoine and Marleen, thank you! Right now, Thijs is in charge of the meetings in Nijmegen, Emma and Özlem are organizing in Rotterdam and Cynric and Fiona in The Hague. Every now and then, I join the meetings and help with the organization. I support the team and together we create the AvaLingua Exchange community!

It’s always an honor for me to organize the meetings. Every meeting I have the chance to meet wonderful people from different countries. I see a lot of happy faces and all the time new friendships are made and we speak a lot of languages. LANGUAGES, FRIENDS & CULTURES. Connecting these that's what it's all about and my main objective in life.