What is AvaLingua Exchange about?

Learn a language and practice with native speakers, have a drink, meet new people, discover other cultures and make friends!

During the meetings you will practice your preferred language for one hour with a native speaker, together with others who want to practice that language. The other hour you will help others with your native language: EXCHANGE πŸ™‚

Who can join?

Everyone can join! Young and old, from different countries with different cultures. A big smile would be great! πŸ™‚

How are the groups formed?

After you have signed up for a meeting, we will look at all participants that have signed up, which languages they speak and what their requests are. One day before the meeting, we will make small groups (2-5 people) according to the preferred languages and the levels of the languages. We aim to have at least one native speaker in each group.

Do you take into account my level of the language that I would like to practice?

Yes, we do! This is what makes our concept unique. We will always do our best to put you in a group of people with (almost) the same level, together with a native speaker. In this way we will make sure that an advanced speaker won’t be in a group with beginners, for example. In that way everyone can practice according to their own level!

What if there is no native speaker?

If there are no native speakers of the language you would like to practice, we will see if there is someone with an advanced level who can help you. If not, we will send you an email in which we ask if you would like to practice any of the other languages that are offered that meeting. Then it’s up to you to join or not to join!

What if I don’t know anything yet about the language that I would like to practice?

It would be great if you already have a little bit of knowledge about the language that you would like to practice! If not, you can still join, but having a small conversation would be difficult of course.

Do I need to sign up every time I want to join?

Yes, it is very helpful for us if you sign up in advance for each meeting you want to attend. This way we can offer you the best service! It helps us to make sure there are enough native speakers and enough people who want to practice a language! It also helps us to match everybody, based on their level of language proficiency.

What are the costs?

To cover our costs and keep organizing the meetings for you all, we ask a small fee for every meeting. For our online meetings, we ask 5 euro.

For our offline meetings, we also ask 5 euro. Or you can buy our Multi Meeting Card for 20 euro, with which you can join five meetings and save 5 euro πŸ™‚ You can buy this card at our offline meetings.

The meetings are free of charge if you are currently following a Dutch language course at AvaLingua.

Do I receive a confirmation after I have signed up?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email (with more details), usually one day before the AvaLingua Exchange meeting. Most of the times, it is possible to join.

How many people will attend a meeting?

That depends on the time of the year. On average about 20 people, but we have also seen up to 40 people per meeting πŸ™‚

Which languages are spoken during a meeting?

This really depends on the people who signed up and for which language they ask. The most common languages at a regular AvaLingua Exchange meeting are: Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

Arabic, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Mandarin, Italian and Russian are also spoken quite often. Now and then we can offer you: Swedish, Tigrinya, Japanese, Norwegian, Hindi, Polish, Bahasa, Hungarian, Czech, Farsi, Urdu, Romanian, … πŸ™‚

When are the AvaLingua Exchange meetings?

At the moment only on Sundays, twice a month. As soon as we have planned new meetings, we will put the dates on this website. We will also create Facebook events for all of our meetings. You can like/follow our Facebook page to stay up to date, and you can also sign up for the newsletter. Or visit this website regularly πŸ˜‰