Avalon is not only the founder of AvaLingua Exchange, she is also a certified teacher for Dutch as a second language (NT2). If you are interested and would like to enroll one of these courses, go to her website or get in touch via your preferred way:

Guesthouse Vertoef


In Nijmegen, the AvaLingua Exchange meetings take place at Guesthouse Vertoef.

Close to the city center as well as the railway station, it's a great spot if you're looking for a place to stay in Nijmegen, or just want to grab a drink and a bite at the bar. You can also check their work area downstairs, for a booth to study/work in, or to arrange a meeting for your team.

Guesthouse Vertoef, pronounced 'vertoof', is derived from the old Dutch verb 'vertoeven', which means 'to stay pleasurably' and this is exactly what they stand for.

For more info, check their website!

Dutch Locals


Dutch Locals supports the connection between international and local people in the Netherlands. Dutch culture is organized in many different ways and the same counts for its social life. There are many social clubs and activities to join. To make it easier for you, to know where to go and have fun, Dutch Locals will show you the way to a large variety of activities, events, tours and a lot more.

Check out the website and have a look!



What is Uniyard? The Uniyard app provides a unique social network platform for local students:

  • Find the most interesting events in your town and easily export them directly to your personal agenda.
  • Discover student discounts and special deals in your town.
  • Buy and sell anything from and to other students

For more information, have a look at the website.

Spaans y más


Together with Spaans y más we used to organize monthly Spanish nights. During those nights you have the opportunity to learn and practice Spanish in an interactive way. At the same time the Spanish/Latin culture is central in those meetings. We organized nights with songs, movies, native speakers, games and dancing! Let's see if we can work together more in the future again!

For more information about Spaans y más, have a look at their website.